Sponsorship for Rosettes

3 tier rosettes with sponsor name printed on tails
Three tier, single colour Elizabethan pleat rosettes with gold foil printed centres and sponsor name and logo printed onto tails.

Our customers regularly get their rosettes sponsored by an organisation with whom they have developed a relationship. The sponsor pays for the production of the rosettes and, in return, their name and logo are tastefully printed in gold foil on the rosette tails (or may feature in the rosette centre).

The benefits are many, not least of which is the cost saving to show organisers. Sponsorship brings kudos to the sponsor and the prizewinners are assured a top-quality reward.

Outlined below are a list of suggestions on what you might consider when seeking sponsorship for your rosettes.

  • Present the potential sponsor with a clear, simple plan that outlines the exposure and benefits they will get from the event.
  • Be clear on how much money you require.
  • Allow time for the potential sponsor to consider the request, but also, and importantly, provide a cut-off date so you can move on to another if they are not interested.
  • Tell them how, and where, their name and branding will appear on the rosette, and how it might be mentioned during the event, in the event programme, on publicity materials and in press and social media.
  • If it is a new show, emphasise the importance of being the show’s first sponsor.
  • Provide attendance or audience figures from last year’s event so they can assess for themselves the value of the exposure.
  • Point out the potential customers that are likely to be in attendance.
  • Highlight the benefits of their sponsorship to the community and that their brand will be associated with those benefits.
  • If you are lucky enough to have multiple offers of sponsorship for your show, consider splitting the different types or prizes between the different sponsors but be clear and transparent with all your sponsors who is sponsoring what.

Remember, prizewinners tend to display their rosettes (incorporating the sponsor’s brand) proudly and prominently for years!