Japanese Pleat 2 Tier Rosette

Rosette Builder

Our Rosette Builder is designed for you to choose a colour scheme for your rosette. You can also specify text and upload full-colour images and logos that are then digitally printed onto the rosette centres giving your rosette a unique, customised finish. A foil stamp printing option is also available. See further information below.

Product Description

The Japanese pleat is wider than its Elizabethan counterpart. So much so that a 2 tier Japanese can look almost a big as a 3 Tier Elizabethan! Using premium single sided satin ribbon, the 2 tier rosette gives you the option of mixing ribbon colours. It’s ideal for matching colours to your organisation, club or event logo and for use in a variety of competition and activity settings.

Japanese Pleat 2 Tier Rosette examples

Existing Customers

When building your foil stamp printed rosette or badge, choose “Use image/logo previously supplied” from in the “Inner Graphic” options. Then, in the box below it, please describe the graphic. We will then be able to identify it.

New Customers

Click here to contact us if you wish to order a foil stamp rosette or badge for the first time.

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